How to wear a crossbody bag

Crossbody bags are very popular amongst ladies of all ages. This is mainly due to the fact that they are the perfect combination of practical yet stylish. With an endless variety of sizes, colours, and materials to choose from can make finding one easy but deciding on how to wear one can be a bit more challenging. However, we have put down a few tips to consider when choosing to wear a crossbody:


For on those days when you only need to carry a few essentials and not in the mood for a clutch bag then you should consider a smaller / in between medium crossbody bag. Our Lotus No. 1 is perfect for your lipstick, keys, wallet etc. without feeling heavy or bulky. It has a firm structure that will also prevent it from falling over and provides enough protection. Smaller crossbody bags are a fun accent to any outfit - especially in our bold ruby red, like this one. On days when you might feel like you want a bit more room to take on the day, a medium / normal sized crossbody bag like our Ivy No. 7 will be just right. Not only is the Ivy No. 7 spacious but it is also strong, padded with two zipped pockets and one of our bestsellers! In need of a mini crossbody / clutch? Then our Daisy No. 1 will be the one that makes your heart really happy and will hold all your essentials.


One of the most important aspects to us, is the quality of our leather that we use for our bags and the way in which the leather will age. Because you would want to be able to use your leather bag for a very long time and even keep it as an inheritance piece for your children or even grandchildren. So seeing as you are likely to carry your crossbody every day, which wouldn’t surprise us, the burning question will still be - “won’t my bag look beaten up and worn out if I choose to wear it every day?”. Well no, when the leather is of premium quality it will gain more character and look even more beautiful with every wear. Leather is very durable and ages beautifully especially when you treat it regularly with the right treatment which can be ordered from Oliver Vagary should you wish to.


Once you have chosen the perfect size and type of leather and you are happy with your choice then it’s time to choose your preferred colour. This might be a hard choice as all our colours are beautifully diverse and will suit anyone. The colour of your crossbody bag will be solely based on your  personal taste and or current need. Feeling like something bright, bold and different? Check out our Ivy No. 7 in Ruby Red here. All of our handbags have the same inner which is our signature look, a patterned material, classic and subtle on the eye. Pretty soon, we will be offering different inner options for our handbags, sp be on the lookout!


It’s all in the details as they say. Well this is in fact very true and another very important aspect to Oliver Vagary, embellishments of premium quality. It’s one of the first things you will touch and feel when you inspect any bag and it will immediately determine and relieve the quality of the whole bag. It will also reveal you’re your personal style and taste by taking note of the detail such as clasps, closures, handles and straps of the bag. A perfect example would be: a crossbody with an adjustable strap is a good option so that you can adjust it according to your length preference. With style and fashion evolving past “rules” about length of a bag does not count anymore. Down by your hip or tucked under your arm, the choose is yours! The adjustable strap gives you the freedom to choose how and when you want to wear your crossbody the way you want to wear it to suit your individual style.

So to answer the question on how do you wear a crossbody bag? Simple - however you want.