What is a weekend bag and why do you need one?

Often a weekend bag is referred to as a weekender (or a duffle bag) and it is just that: the perfect size for a weekend getaway. Not only is the size right but it is also strong and able to carry just enough clothing, toiletries and any other essentials which you may need. Our Cocobolo No. 3 is soft-sided and has a top zippered closure and comes with a long, adjustable shoulder strap and shorter handles which are thick enough to give a good grip.

Why does everyone need a weekend bag?

Firstly, who wouldn’t like to travel with a beautiful big leather bag? Right no one. So if you are someone who loves to travel and to take on an adventure, then a weekend bag will most likely become your favourite travel bag. It is ideally the grab-and-go size for a weekend getaway and can even be checked in as carry-on luggage on a flight. And it also won’t take too much space in the car for a road trip.


How to choose a good one? 

A true and authentic weekend bag will always be soft-sided with a long enough zippered closure. And the leather , hardware and stitching must be strong and durable in order to handle the demands of travel. It is also important that a weekend bag has dome studs at the bottom of the bag. This is to protect the leather and to prevent unnecessary damage from accruing due to placement on the floor. Leather does look and feel better with use and age but it is still important to remember to treat it well (literally and physically).

Any traditional leather weekend bag will come with two carry handles that will be comfortable enough to carry the bag in your hand and it will also have a long, adjustable shoulder strap that is padded which can also be removed. An outer zippered pocket (or two) is a huge bonus. The interior will be wide and roomy with perhaps one inner zipped pocket and maybe another flat pocket for smaller items. However, most duffle bags don’t typically have such organizational compartments. The idea is a simple, open design to make quick and easy packing possible; roll up your clothes, toss in your Dopp kit, your favourite book and you’re ready to go! Also something very important to lookout for is the inner lining of a duffle bag. Any good duffle bag will be lined with an waterproof, easy-to-clean and quick drying fabric which you will appreciate after many travels.

To sum it all up, a good weekend (duffle) bag will fit all that you need for a weekend away and will make you feel proud to carry it with you, for many years on many adventures. Both the exterior and interior of a weekend bag must suit you and your needs. Now that along with everything thing we mentioned, is how you will know when it’s the right weekend bag for you.